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You are dreaming of an adventurous guided tour in a small group? Trottermundo offers small group tours to the highlights and off the beaten track. For sporty and activ travel enthusiasts, our active trips are ideal. You will travel with a maximum of 12 participants and the tours are already guaranteed with 2 travelers.


Or would you prefer a tailor-made individual tour to the most beautiful destinations? Then you can choose our rental car tours or our economic trips by public bus.


Tours with a private guide give you more and individual insight into the country and its people. It is also the most comfortable way of traveling.


Or do you prefer luxury travel? Trottermundo can make your dreams come true!


Book your trip to the world's most beautiful destinations with Trottermundo!




  • Directly with an English speaking specialist on site > affordable and without intermediary
  • Can also be booked in a travel agency> Travel with Travel Security Certificate
  • Honesty and friendlyness
  • Advise and support by specialists on site
  • Responsible and sustainable travel


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travel first, pay afterwards


Only Trottermundo gives you this proof of trust. Trottermundo stands for seriousness and professionalism.