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Make a video clip for Trottermundo and earn 100 Euros!


Nowadays, in our digital age, hundreds of photos are shot and lots of video clips are made during a vacation. If you want to earn some money during your vacation, we have an interesting offer for you:


Please send us a 2-3 minute (uncut) videoclip with a report of your trip and you will receive 100 Euros for "production costs".


With your consent we can also donate the amount for our project  in Mexico. We will use your video on our website as a source of information for future customers.


What exactly do you have to do? 

  • Talk about one of your favorite locations
  • Talk about experiences, hotels, country and people
  • You can speak freely of the soul 
  • Please mention Trottermundo and the country specialists



What do we do with the Material?

  • We put the video on our YouTube channel and on our website
  • The video is not passed on to third parties
  • You can delete the video at any time (without giving reasons)

Examples of customer videos


You can find customer videos at our You Tube Channel 



The more original the better! Every year at Christmas we select the best travel video of the season. The winner gets a Trottermundo voucher of 1.000,00 Euro (!)

Where to send the material?

Simply everything by mail to

Feel free to share with us a Dropbox with the (also uncut) video clip or use for sending the material.