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are you a SPEcialist in your country?  - become A TROTTERMUNDO.COM PARTNER


TrotterMundo, a cooperation concept that perceives clients who are looking for real specialists.


Originally, Mextrotter was founded as a traditional incoming agency in Mexico. From 2005 we began to look for alternative distribution channels and invested "a few hundred" Euros in Google AdWords. This experiment turned out to be a success story. Today, Mextrotter can be proud of a four-digit booking number.


Satisfied customers book again but only a few travel to the same country again. So we extended our product range and quickly we came into the dilema that we are a specialist for Mexico but not really authentic to be a specialist for Peru.


Incoming agencies have one thing in common: they know anything about their counry; they are specialists because they live in the county. But all of the providers need to have one family brand with a comprehensive marketing plan to appaer together on the market.

We provide:

  • Solution systems (administration, offers, etc) worth 60,000 USD at a fraction of the costs
  • A uniform web presence and each local partner has their own websitet
  • In addition, a common brand with one website for cross-marketing activities (e.g. transnational tours, one common newsletter, etc.)
  • Central cashing
  • Central flight booking
  • Anonymity to the outside (the local partner acts on behalf of a greater brand)
  • Possibility for the customer to pay afterwards (there is no bigger sign of confidence in online bookings) and we take the cancellation risk for the local partner

We are looking for incoming Agencies:

  • that serve customers directly as a local specialist
  • that are ready to meet our quality criteria