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SACBE management software

A powertool which continually developed ovetr the years. A guarantee for successful direct sales and very flexible.

Sacbe Management Software, we won't leave you out in the fog ...

SACBE means "White path" in the mayan language. And excately such a path, without fog and barriers will be your work in all areas with this appliaction. The tailor-made application for system solution was developed in 2008. The complex, on-line based system solution software has a development value of more than 60,000.00 USD and is one of the pillars of the Trottermundo cooporation model which your company can use at a fraction of the costs.

As a local country partner you can not only use the software for direct sales (in which Trottermundo is involved), but also for your existing major customers (operators & DMC's). The system enables a clear separation of these two distribution channels.