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Asia and Oceania Travel

Discover the beauties of Southeast Asia and New Zealand. In Thailand, the land of smiles, you will find impressive temples, exotic nature and inviting beaches. In India, the largest country in Southeast Asia, you will experience a fascinating variety of languages, religions and landscapes. In New Zealand and Oceania, you will marvel at spectacular landscapes and national parks and you will be enchanted by the friendly inhabitants. We are sure you will discover your ideal destination with Trottermundo .

Thailand  – Traditional temples and dream beaches

You travel in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants and a  minimum of 2 travelers in a comfortable, air-conditioned minibus with an English speaking tour guide. We offer various tours from north to south and show you the most beautiful places of Thailand, for example the floating markets of Bangkok, the Wat Si Chum Temple or the Erawan National Park. We will be happy to advise you about an individual program or your beach extension at one of the flower-white dream beaches of Thailand.

If you are looking for a quiet holiday and want to spend your holiday at the beach, Thailand is also the perfect destination for you. In our Thailand island hopping packages you will visit the country's most beautiful islands. Spend your vacation in Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi or Phi Phi!


Would you like to visit the most beautiful destinations and be active at the same time? With the help of our Thailand Active Travel modules you can assemble your perfect trip.


Would you like to assemble your trip to Thailand individually? A private guided Thailand tour is a luxury that costs only a little bit more with Trottermundo than a small group tour. Experience Thailand with your private guide and design your exclusive trip individually.


India – Temple festivals and joie de vivre

We offer English speaking small group tours through India with a maximum of 14 participants in air-conditioned vehicles.  There is also the possibility to book shuttle tours which can be started at any time and which take place with a minimum of 2 travelers. Discover mystical ruins, breathtaking cave temples or the Bollywood metropolis Mumbai with Trottermundo.

Our active trips are ideal for people who want to experience not only the highlights of the country, but who also want to get to know the country and its people in an active way. Our active trips include hikes, jeep safaris, biking and trekking tours.


With its sacred mountains, rivers and numerous temples India is unique. If you want to experience a very special, spiritual tour, we will take you on a spiritual journey to the foot of the Himalayas or to the green paradise Kerala.

India private or individual travel is a service that will meet your expectations, needs and ideas. You can choose among individual wedding trips, wellness or train travels and plan your unique holiday in India.


New Zealand - Cottages, National Parks and Waterfalls


Our small group tours consist of a maximum of 12 passengers, who explore the country in air-conditioned vehicles with a German-speaking tour guide. Experience New Zealand with us and visit the Tongariro National Park, the glacier world of the Southern Alps or the bird sanctuary of the Kapiti Islands. Get to know the country and the people in an authentic way.

Be enchanted by New Zealand's unique nature and landscape and visit, for example, Stewart Island during an exciting rental car tour through the fascinating land.


We offer you perfectly maintained cars from long-term partners. Visit the outdoor paradise and enjoy the untouched nature and the extraordinary landscapes during our hiking trips. Drive to the most beautiful locations of the Lord of the Rings and take a hike in the Fjord National Park.


You want to take your vacation in your own hands and decide where to go? Enjoy New Zealand individually and experience exclusive and intensive insights into the country and its people with a private guide.

The most popular tours

We would like to draw your attention to the most popular Asia and Oceania travels and perhaps we can encourage you to join one of these fantastic trips.

Tour around thailand

Discover the classic highlights of Thailand in 8 days! Let yourself be enchanted by the many treasures of the night markets and immerse yourself in the centuries-old culture of Thailand.

treasures of the south

Experience the south of India and discover the most beautiful corners of the country on our small group tours. Breathtaking cave temples and mystical ruins are there to be discovered by you.

rental car tour outdoor paradise

On this irental car tour you will discover the most spectacular filming locations of "The Lord of the Rings" and you will get authentic insight into the everyday life of the New Zealanders.

On buddhas footsteps

Would you like to walk in Buddha's footsteps? During this trip you will discover India's impressive Buddhist monasteries.