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References about Trottermundo

Here you will find reports from independent print & radio media about the Trottermundo family. Customer feedback and travel reports can be found in our  Trottermundo travel experiences section.

current press release from various media – experience Mexico in a different way!

"My travel consultant is Eva Lackner who has not lost her charming Austrian accent although she has been living in Mexico for 20 years. Yesterday we talked on the phone for a quarter of an hour (of course I didn't have to pay for the call) about the last details. Now I am really looking forward to visiting Mexico!" You find lots of reports from satisfied customers who appreciate the contact with country specialists on site. Our country specialists live in Mexico and eight other beautiful countries we offer to our travelers.

Only in direct exchange with our country specialists is it possible to create truly individual tours. The Trottermundo founder Erik Wolkersdorfer says: " Even our small group tours are modifiable. Travelers can  choose a pre-program and a beach extension according to preferences and budget. In addition to this a trip with private guide, rental car or public bus provides the ultimate freedom.


It all started in 2006 with a classic route through Mexico. Things have changed since then. Today you can have a look at the exciting life of Mexican firefighters during a theme tour or you experience Cuba by bike. IndiDELUXE, for example, gives you the opportunity to feel like a Maharajah in its marvellous palaces. Whether you are a study traveler or you prefer a more active vacation, whether you enjoy luxury or whether you want to get to know the country off the beaten track, send a request to and we will find the perfect tour for you.

If you are still sceptical we give you a sign of our confidence: You can pay the tour after your return. You do not even have to pay a deposit. We, from, are confident that you will be satisfied with our service.


Trottermundo is a network of on-site agencies and stands for the quality of service of all local partners. The quality of service is reflected in the amount of destinations and local partners that already form part of the Trottermundo world. Join us and enjoy an extraordinary vacation with Trottermundo!







Press trip in the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung  from our local Samba partner (Aventoura do Brasil)

Article (January 2013)


Newspaper article in the Excelsior insert Bon Voyage about traveling on Father's Day.

Article in Spanish (June 2014)


New Year Greetings 2013 on Radio Upper Austria from Trottermundo CEO Erik Wolkerstorfer

 LIsten to recording


Online article about Costa Rica on travel


Newspaper article in the Mühlviertler Rundschau about Mextrotter and Trottermundo.

Article (December 2013)


Radio show: People from Upper Austria on ORF Radio OÖ with Trottermundo CEO Erik Wolkerstorfer

 Listen to recording (part 1)

 Listen to recording (part 2)


Newspaper article in Schweriner Volksblatt about "a girl from Peru"

Article as Download


Newspaper article in the "GUUte Rundschau" about  "Emigrated to Mexico"

Article (May 2014)


Follow us on our Trottermundo Travel Blog and learn more about Trottermundo countries.


Newspaper article in "Berliner Abendblatt" about the most beautiful travel destinations in the summer.

 Article (July 2014)



Interview with  Edeltrotter Managing Director Till Brunecker in the luxury travel magazine "Le Deluxe Hamburg".

Edition spring 2015


exklusive / individual

 Edeltrotter Article Deluxe (May 2015)