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NORD- und mittelamerika reisen

Experience the most beautiful places between Alaska and Panama. The United States of America extends from the Atlantic coast in the east to the Pacific in the west and its regions are very diverse. They expand from New England, the most European part of the USA, to the Midwest to the Sunshine State of California on the Pacific coast.


Impressive testimony of past high cultures awaits you in Mexico. Explore the scanty desert landscapes on the Baja California peninsula in northern Mexico, the lush green rainforest in Chiapas, the wide plain on the Yucatan Peninsula with its fine sand beaches and the stunning underwater world in the Caribbean.


 The largest island of the Caribbean, Cuba, takes you on a time trip. Discover the green island with its world-famous tobacco landscape of Pinar del Rio or the Sierra Maestra with its exciting revolutionary history.


In Costa Rica, bubbly vitality, volcanoes, exotic plants and a rich animal world are waiting for you.


USA Tours – infinite landscapes

Our small group tours through the USA take place with a maximum of 14 participants and lead you to the classic destinations of the USA. You will enjoy the great highlights and you don't have to worry about organization.


If you want to be more flexible our rental car trips through USA are the ideal tours for you. We work with the most reliable partners in the country and there are a lot of FREE extras for our customers.


Why not embark in an adventure and travel by camper? You get the route recommendation from us, free of charge.


But the exciting highways of USA have still much more to offer. Why not go for a ride on motorcycle on one of the dream routes through the country? A truly unforgettable experience!


If you don't want to drive on your own but you want to enjoy traveling through the country? Then choose  train travel through USA, a comfortable and unique experience!



Mexico experienced many other past high cultures than those of the Aztecs and Mayas. These cultures have left amazing testimonies throughout the country. Marvel at the pyramids of these peoples on our Mexico study trips and Mexico small group tours with a maximum of 12 travelers.


If you want to learn about Mexican culture but you also want to enjoy physical activities, our Mexico active tour is the ideal choice for you.


We also offer rental cars from our own fleet for a rental car tour through Mexico. Our tours lead you to the highlights but also to destinations away from the crowds.


If you want to travel with low budget, we offer our Mexico tour by public bus. You will travel in a comfortable 1st class bus with and to the local and thus get a close insight into Mexican life style.



Enjoy the special Cuban flair and imagine yourself in a time travel in the 50ies. Experience the Caribbean island during a guided small group Cuba tour. We also offer the wonderful combination of a Cuba Yucatán (Mexico) tour.


In the past few years Cuba rental car tours have become more and more popular. You will travel in comfortable cars. Perhaps you would also enjoy a day trip in a classic old-timer? Just let us know and we will assemble your favorite tour.


If you want to travel through Cuba in an active way, we suggest our Cuba bike trips. If you still have enough energy at night you can swing the dance leg in a Cuban dance and salsa class.


A train trip in Cuba is a great adventure that will give you a close insight into Cuban life style. You will travel with and to the locals. Perhaps you want to book a Spanish course with us to be able to communicate more easily?



This small land is described as the green lung of Central America. Experience the biodiversity on a guided small group tour through Costa Rica.


If you want to travel more actively you can choose our Costa Rica active tours. For families we offer Costa Rica family tours.


Costa Rica is easy to explore by rental car. There are wonderful routes and we will be happy to help you assemble your dream route!







most popular trips


We would like to mention the most popular North and Central American journeys and hope you will soon embark on one of these wonderful trips.



No matter when you make this Florida trip, we have 365 days of sunshine a year :) and one more in leap years. We offer the trip as rental car tour through Florida or as guided small group tour.

Aztecs & Mayas


Our classic tour from Mexico City to the Caribbean (or vice versa). We offer the tour as guided Mexico roundtrip in a small group or as Mexico rental car tour.



The most beautiful places in Cuba in a Cuba rental car tour . Our Cuba Highlights small group tour travels on a similar route.

on the trail of nature


In this popular Costa Rica roundtrip in a small group you can immerse in the wonderworld of Costa Rica!