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Southamerica travel



Whether a Caipiriña at the Copacabana or a Pisco Sour in Cusco, South America has something to  offer for every taste. Experience the joy of life of a whole continent and dance with the  carnival of Rio or Cartagena in Colombia. Nature lovers will get their money's worth in the Amazonian Amazon  and the Galapagos Islands. We have a large offer of South America tours and surely you will find the ideal destination among them.

BRAZIL ROUND TRIPS – Samba, Caipiriña & Amazonas

In our small groups, a maximum of 14 participants travel in a comfortable minibus to the most beautiful spots in Brazil, e.g. to the highlights such as Rio, Iguazu, Pantantal or the Amazon. But also the less known but enchanting South Brazil is part of the tour. You can also enjoy an adventurous and unforgettable vacation with our trekking and canyoning tours

Our active trips are ideal for visitors who want to experience not only the highlights of Brazil, but who also want to enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking, cycling and kayaking in Brazil are just a few examples of our activities in Brazil. Immerse yourself in the jungle of Brazil and the world around the Amazon, the world's most watery river.


Do you want to dance to your own rhythm and explore Brazil individually? Our travel modules make it easy to assemble a tailor-made tour that meets your requirements.


PERU TRAVEL – To the world of the Andes and Incas



Our small groups consist of a maximum of 14 travelers, who travel in an air-conditioned minibus with English speaking guide to the most breathtaking places of Peru. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Peru and learn about the culture of the Incas. Peru is one of the most original and varied countries in Latin America. Visit the Andes highland, the deserts and colonial cities and take an unforgettable experience home with you.


If you have been dreaming of visiting the 7 new world wonders, then you can start directly in Peru. The Macchu Picchu Express gives you the opportunity to reach this miraculous place conveniently and directly.


If you want to be active, you will love our active tours. The trips include hikes in the Andes of Peru and are a pleasure that many tourists have yet to experience. Whether on the well-known Inca Trail or off the beaten track with insight into the soul of the people of Peru, Trottermundo travelers will take home an unforgettable experience.


Our scheduled bus tours are ideal for guests traveling with a small travel budget or who are looking for as much contact as possible with the local population. The tour takes you by bus and shuttle tours through Peru.


COLUMBIA TRAVEL –  tips for an amazing tour

In our small group trips a maximum of 12 participants can travel in comfortable minibuses with an English speaking tour guide. There are few countries that are so unaffected by tourism but at the same time offer as much as Colombia. Travel through the coffee zone, over evergreen mountains to the Caribbean coast, and enjoy strolling through cities where apparently the magic of smiles was invented. After or before your trip you may want to spend a couple of days at one of the wonderful Columbian beaches.


Do you want to have a real adventure in your holiday? Explore our adventure travels and decide which tour suits you best. Our travels lead you to the highest, partly snow-capped mountains of Colombia or through deserts and national parks. Visitors will learn about the country’s history and they will get inside knowledge about the country and its people. You can also book a 4-day survival training in the jungle of Colombia. No matter which tour you choose, you will take an unforgettable experience back home with you.


Plan your individual tour through Colombia. Our journeys are tailored to the needs and budgets of our customers. You can travel on your own or with a tour guide. The variations for this type of travel to Colombia are as varied as the country itself.





You will travel in a small group with a maximum of 12 participants to places away from the crowds and you  will  also visit the well-known highlights such as Quito, Baños and Riobamba. Experience the most beautiful destinations of Ecuador.

A very special adventure is the climb of the highest active volcano Cotopaxi, one of the world’s most famous volcanoes. In Ecuador there are 10 mountains, all of which are higher than 5000 meters. Most of them are easily accessible from Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Experience an unforgettable mountain climbing trip in Ecuador with our experienced mountaineering team.


Nowhere on earth is the evolution history as close as on the Galapagos Islands. The visit to the islands is strictly limited and controlled for reasons of environmental protection. Experience this unique spot on a cruise around Galapagos and collect beautiful impressions in the most diverse paradise.




The most popular trips


We would like to introduce the most popular trips to South America and perhaps we can encourage you to join one of our fantastic tours.

fascination brazil


You do not have to visit Brazil exactly at the time of the Carnival but you can enjoy Sambarythms and the zest for life of the Brazilians throughout the year. Just join one of our small group tours to Brazil. 




THE most classical Peru trip is offered as a guided small group tour or  individual tour. Our tours can be adapted to your personal wishes.




Experience the most beautiful places in Ecuador on an 18-day trip. For guests with less time at their hands the 10-day Fascinating Ecuador Tour is ideal. You may also join a Galapagos Cruise after your trip through Ecuador.